The history of Microsensory begins in the 80s when its CEO, gifted with a great creative capacity, stands out in the world of telecommunications attracting the attention of all sorts of industrial businesses.

Large companies and corporations hire their electronic engineering services to create technologically innovative solutions that optimize the resources of the field where they operate.

Thus, in 2003 Microsensory was born as a consolidated company in the design, manufacturing and development of all types of electronic telecommunication devices and products designed for the wildlife world.

GPS communication equipment for tracking migratory birds, wild animals in Africa and the far east became very popular due to their constant innovation and reliability.

Microsensory starts to create new technological solutions and begins to cover large-scale projects, such as the Spanish Estate campaign for the preservation of the Iberian Lynx.

With more than 2000 loyal customers, Microsensory is today a company in a constant growing phase, both in terms of turnover and creative capacity in Research, Development and Innovation

Microsensory's mission for the coming years is to continue providing innovative technology and thus work closely with the most important scientific communities in the world in order to contribute to the preservation and improvement of all the natural resources that we want to continue to enjoy in the present and next generations in the future.

Another Microsensry’s goal is to keep creating the best possible technology improving day after day its range of products and provide all his existing and future customers with “estate of the art” devices and service.

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