Ten Andalusian ideas to save nature

    Ten Andalusian ideas to save nature

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    The minister of Environment, Jose Fiscal; the Caja Rural del Sur Foundation president, Jose Luis Garcia Palacios, and the director of the Natura hoy.com journal, Jose Montero, presided this Tuesday in the financial entity headquarters the price award to the ten best ideas to save the nature, a journal initiative where the readers chose the winner.

    In this edition, the awardees was:

    The wild fauna hospital GREFA, dedicated to recover species in danger.

    The Kowagunga association, specialist in protect sea turtles.

    The friends of Sierra Morena Wolf, for documentary about this animal.

    SEO Bird Life-Foundation BBVA, for an APP to monitoring the birds.

    The FIEB-Telefonica foundation, for the using of new technologies to protect the environment.

    The Riso con Vida association, who that fights for protect the fluvial areas.

    The CSIC-Banco de Santander General Foundation, for different research projects, with each other, sequencing the Iberian lynx genome.

    The company Microsensory-ENEL Greenpower, for the production of drone to monitoring lynx.

    The Directorate General of Environmental Management of the Department of the Environment, For one project to prevent the forest fire through grazing.

    Jose Fiscal and Jose Luis Garcia highlighted the effort in official level and private areas to protect the nature. One example is the awardees for Natura hoy.com readers, Jose Montero, the director, emphasized the importance of the ideas to achieve that goal.

    In his speech, the minister of environment has referred to European Commission just approve a new Life project to recover the Iberian wolf in Andalusia, this project is coordinate by the Department of the Environment and the support of different NGOs. Jose Fiscal has pointed that is a work for an ample space of time with the objective of the wolf will return to the traditional areas of the Andalusia geography. The minister said that in the last Months the scientist-technical council of the Life project has convoked to value put the wolf in the danger of extinction list, and this is the proposed to the last Andalusia Council of biodiversity, first main consultative body, and this would be considerate, the minister have ensured.

Ten Andalusian ideas to save nature

ABC on nov 8, 2016

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