A drone to save the lynx

    A drone to save the lynx

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    The Minister for the Environment and Territory Planning, José Fiscal, has signed a collaboration agreement with the companies Enel Green Power Spain and Microsensory for the development of a drone prototype to radio locate Iberian lynxes. The Ministry, as a partner in the project, will contribute its scientific-technical knowledge and will validate the correct operation of the drone. Enel Green Power Spain shall pay the financing it, contributing a total of 20,000 euros, and Microsensory will be the entity in charge of carrying it out.

    The agreement will last for one year and aims to advance in the monitoring of Iberian lynxes with radio markers reintroduced into the natural environment within the framework of the Recovery Program promoted by the Andalusian Government.

    Until now, the radio markers used (VHF collars) have provided very valuable information regarding the use of space and the dispersal routes of the released individuals, but this monitoring was more random depending on the orography of the terrain and required daily surveillance by an operator.

    Extinction level downgrade

    During the act, Fiscal has assured that the project aims to improve the monitoring and study through the latest technology available, providing more data and refining the searches. The head of Environment has recalled that recently, and thanks to the actions of conservation of the species developed by the Junta de Andalucía, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN in spanish acronyms) has lowered the threat category of the Iberian lynx from Endangered Critical from Extinction to Endangered, as populations have increased from 97 individuals in the census in 2002 to 327 in 2014.

A drone to save the lynx

ABC on dic 28, 2015

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