Press and Television

Our solutions have been recognized on multiple press and television platforms at a national and international level. In this section, we share some of the most prominent videos and press articles covering our technology initiatives and the impact they have had on society.

8 de November de 2016

Ten Andalusian ideas to save nature

Awards for the 10 best ideas to save nature chosen by readers of Natura Prosecutor highlights Life project to recover Iberian wolf.
29 de December de 2015

Drones to help track Spain’s Iberian lynx

Drones will save the endangered Iberian lynx in Spain. Prototype will follow bobcats with radius markers.
28 de December de 2015

A drone to save the lynx

Agreement in Andalusia with Enel Green Power Spain and Microsensory to develop a drone to radiolocate Iberian lynxes in a conservation project.
19 de February de 2014

Calgary coyote researchers need help monitoring urban dens

Citizen Coyote Project is looking for volunteers to monitor urban coyote burrows in Calgary and learn more about their behavior.
8 de April de 2013

Francisco García Leal: “Our growth is atypical”

Interview describing how Microsensory SL, founded in 2004, offers innovative devices to optimize resources and has a presence in the international market.
5 de December de 2005

Two captive lynxes are released for the first time in Sierra Morena

They release 5 Iberian lynxes born in captivity in Andalusia to repopulate and increase the population of endangered species.
25 de April de 2005

Inventions from Fernán-Núñez to Taiwan

This news was published physically, therefore the article can be read from the image