The history of microsensory

Microsensory was born thanks to the concerns of an entrepreneur who, from a very young age, stood out for his creativity and ingenuity in the field of telecommunications and industrial electronics.

Over time, its electronic engineering was hired by companies and corporations that were looking for innovative solutions to optimize their resources and strengthen their competitiveness.

In 2003, Microsensory was born as a company focused on the design, manufacture and development of electronic telecommunications devices. Since then, Microsensory has managed to stand out in different sectors thanks to its advanced technology. Companies, universities, environmental agencies, governments, and autonomous communities from different countries around the world have relied on Microsensory technology for monitoring migratory birds and wild animals. on all continents of the world. The innovation and reliability of its devices for tracking and locating wildlife have led Microsensory to cover important projects around the world, such as: the European project “Life Lynx” for the conservation of the Iberian lynx, the European project “ZEPAURBAN” for the conservation of the lesser kestrel, innovative projects in Canada such as: “Coyote Citizen Project”, wildlife conservation projects in nature reserves in Saudi Arabia, Australia, United Arab Emirates, America, etc.

In addition, Microsensory has expanded its reach with new technological solutions, such as the telemetry division for the development of water quality control devices, metering, smart cities, and its innovative semiconductor division where high-performance solar cells are developed. RF integrated circuits for communications, uSIAIC intelligent integrated circuits. The company also has a projects division dedicated to developing innovative devices for other technology companies.

Passion, ingenuity and innovation are the values ​​that have driven Microsensory’s success in all
sectors in which it has ventured. The company is committed to research and continuous development of technologies that contribute to the well-being and conservation of the environment and its fauna.






Over 2,000 loyal customers

At Microsensory, we are proud to have a broad customer base of more than 2,000 users, businesses, and organizations around the world who have trusted our products and services.

We have become a company in constant growth thanks to our creative capacity in research, development and innovation. Our mission is to contribute innovative technology to preserve and enhance natural resources and to collaborate with scientific communities to achieve these goals.

We believe that it is our responsibility to create a positive impact through technology and constant research. We are committed to offering sustainable solutions and collaborating with our clients to develop personalized projects that meet their needs and contribute to the well-being of future generations. At Microsensory, we are committed to quality and excellence in everything we do.