First payment: €174

Second payment (month after booking): €100

Third payment (month after the second payment): €100

Product delivery: One week after completing the third payment.

After 100 orders the promotion ends and therefore, its price will be €595 (VAT INCLUDED) for the RS8 Track BASIC

Features RS8 Track BASIC.

  • High-performance Solar Cell
  • Interchangeable battery
  • OTA Remote Update.
  • GSM 4G technology
  • High performance GPS
  • GPS Radio Beeping
  • waterproof
  • Weight: 9.8 grams
  • Technology compatible with: Microsensory’s community.
  • Radio Beep included medium range (8 km direct view with a drop of 50 meters / approximately 1 km in direct view of the ground with a drop of 5-10 meters)
  • Technology Compatible with: AI Microsensory
  • No need for receiver, works with transmitter and mobile phone (GPS positions automatically sent by 4G to our server)

Expandable* to RS8 Track Full remotely, without the need to send to the factory:

  • barometric altimeter
  • Long-range beeping radio greater than 20 km in direct vision in flight with a difference in altitude greater than 50 meters
  • GPS radio in real time for arrogance.
    • To use GPS in real time it is necessary to use our MicroFind receiver
  • Haughty mode
  • Low flight mode

*Extension will be possible through a single payment of €100.